Bruce Battle’s Chicago 3000/6000 series Car

Bruce Battles has done it again. He has produced a wonderfully assembled and painted model of the Chicago 3000/6000 series car in HO scale.

This car has maximum traction trucks and he has also produced photographs of the drive he’s used.

Thanks again Bruce!

This model is available in:

HO Scale: HO Scale Chicago 3000/6000 series car




The Drive Mechanism:

Bruce has given me information on how he’s motorized his car. In his own words:

“I built my own drive for the car. I won’t lie to you – getting a “one axle drive” car running well is not easy! The problem is getting the power truck to sit flat so the driven wheels don’t slip, but the small wheels don’t derail. If the truck is too low in front the powered axle will slip, but if it’s too high in front, the small wheels will derail on curves. It took a lot of experimentation, trial-and-error, and disassembly, along with some yelling and coarse language, to get it working right!

The Maximum Traction trucks on the car were made in Japan a long time ago, and I got them from George Huckaby in Los Angeles. You get one powered truck and one unpowered one in a set.

The drive is made of brass angle stock, and I used that big open-frame motor only because it was the only one I had with a shaft long enough to reach out across the power truck, since the driven pulley is in front of the bolster. I used as big a pulley on the truck as I could find, to give the car a more favorable gear ratio.




You can purchase this car here:

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