Greg’s Corner Issue 1 – 16th March 2016

Greg’s Corner – Issue 1

Welcome to Greg’s Corner where I will offer news and some suggestions from time to time on the best ways to build your beautiful models designed by Joseph.

We try our hardest to get the best results from our printers (Shapeways and i-materialize) but, on the odd occasion, you might get a part that is miss-printed (most common is poor orientation causing corrugations in what should be smooth surfaces) or damaged, if this is the case, you can contact Shapeways direct or via us and we will get them to do a re-print for you.

When you get your model, some of it at least will be made of FUD (Fine Ultra Detail) and this, when printed, is suspended in wax which leaves an oily residue on the piece.

Shapeways suggest (and I have tried it) to place the piece on a tray (on a piece of paper towel) in the oven set at 60 degrees Celsius. The time required as recommended by Shapeways as this:Our FUD team has let me know the amount of time required in the oven is dependent on how much material needs to be removed.  For a part below 1 cm, 15-30 minutes will suffice”. This will remove a lot of the wax but it will still feel a bit oily. My own way of overcoming this, is to wash the piece in “Diggers” brand Wax and Grease remover or Isopropyl alcohol, which is also available from the same source.

Do not soak the piece but wash it off using about a one inch wide paint brush and a small flat brush from an art shop (about 5 mm wide) to get into the corners. Be gentle, the FUD is reasonably brittle, especially the thinner parts. Once you are satisfied the part is clean, you can then wash it in warm soapy water and rinse off in clean water and allow to dry.

To glue the parts together I suggest you use the excellent “Bob Smith” range (your average el-cheapo super glue just won’t cut it) of “Insta Cure” or “Maxi Cure” and accelerator. These can be bought from good hobby shops but a couple that offer excellent mail order are: and This is a superb product.

For parts such as Trolley Poles and other hardware (in some cases trucks and seats etc), the only place to go is, Q-Car company:

The O scale models we have produced so far, are designed to take the excellent “Black Beetle” power and trailer trucks. In some cases (The W2 with 26” wheels for example) these can be ordered direct from “Steam Era” but, if you want larger wheels (33” spoked wheels for the Auckland car and Adelaide H for example) you will need to get in touch with me at as I order the wheels in and place the order.


For painting, the best primer was always “Floquil” but, as Testors has seen fit to remove this, the best way now is to use an automotive acrylic primer from your favourite auto shop.

That’s it for this issue and should get you started, as we learn more I will add to this blog so, keep an eye on it for news of decals etc.

Happy Modelling

Greg King

Transit Classics