Happy New Year 2016 – New Models and Soon to be released!!

Happy 2016 everyone and thank you for your support throughout 2015. This year brings the release of several new models both in HO and O scale. We are also experimenting with new construction techniques and alternative 3D printing companies to bring the price of our models down. Unfortunately 3D printing is still quite expensive and the exchange rate of the US dollar doesn’t help.

On the plus side 3D printed models usually require a lot less assembly than a resin kit.
Ok on to some content:

New Releases:
Sydney D class tram – This model us quite robust for a 3D printed model. This first release represents the D in it’s passenger form with open end driver platforms. We will be releasing later versions of the model with enclosed drivers cabs and a scrubber car version in the future.

Sydney D Class Tram HO Scale
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Sydney E class tram – This one is a favourite of mine and I’ve enjoyed 3D modelling it. This model can either be powered from both sets or as a power/dummy combo with adequate weight add to the dummy car. I’m making my set a power/dummy set up just to save a little bit of money and my layout is very flat with no gradient whatsoever. My model is in the process of painting with the front car almost complete.

Sydney E Class Tram HO Scale
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Adelaide H class tram – This is the big one. Our largest model to date. We’ve used a combination of materials to try and bring the production cost down.

Adelaide H Class Tram O Scale
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Soon to be Released:

We are in the final stages of testing of two brand new models. The first is a 1929 Auckland tram known as “big Cars” or “Big Semi-steels”. This is an O scale model.

The second model soon to be released is the much requested Sydney L/P tram in HO scale.

All the best and happy modelling in 2016!!!
Joseph Spinella (Traction Scale Models)
Greg King (Transit Classics)

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