HO Scale Trams

Sydney Trams –

sydney c class tram model

sydney d class tram model

sydney e class tram model

sydney o class tram model

sydney P class tram model

Melbourne Trams –

Melbourne w2 class tram model

Brisbane Trams –

Brisbane Drop Centre Model tram

Brisbane FM Tram Model Available soon

American Trolleys –

Hagerstown and Frederick Trolley model


12 Responses to HO Scale Trams

  1. Dick Helm says:

    O scale “O” class – down to Bronte for a swim. I’m thinking of a 2 car set.

  2. Charlie says:

    I think your models are great.

    I’ve noticed that your W2 class tram dimensions are a bit out though. The destination box and wayfare are too narrow as well as the apron which is too elongated. I’m only suggesting you consult a third eye, as the types of people who buy these modals will notice and it will reflect poorly on the quality and accuracy of the collection.

    Kind Regards.

    • modeltrams says:

      Hi Charlie,
      Thank you for your comment. You will be pleased to know I’m planning to re-do the front of this model. I have already created a much more accurate front on the O scale version of this model which will be available very soon. In the final testing phase.


  3. JD Eastaff says:

    Hi Joseph,

    You may increase your L/P class tram sales if you advertise it as a Sydney and Newcastle L/P tram. Certainly it would do no harm.



  4. David Barnes says:

    Hi Joseph,
    The O class in HO looks great, I am certain that there is not enough roof/gutter overhang at the drivers cabs. The E’s need to have a bow in their bodies,they’re too straight for that colour scheme; other than that they are good looking models.I am waiting to see you do the R/R1,and have an interesting concept for an mech where you don’t see the motor inside the tram.
    Kind regards,

  5. Bree says:

    Hi there, just wondering when your B2 class tram will be available?
    Thank you.

  6. Harvey Simon says:

    Visitng your site for the first time. I’m a trolley modeler and am inquiring about a San Francisco F-Line car featured in the March, 2014 Trolleyville Times built by Bruce Battles. I’d like to build this car and would like to know how to find the necessary parts and drive system. It sounded like this was a special run, but if the shell and other detail parts are available, please advise how to proceed. Thanks…

  7. Joshua Boyd says:

    Hey How much is the P class sydney tram

  8. Charles says:

    Could you provide an estimated total cost for a Sydney O Class Tram, including the power components and all fittings?

  9. xxx says:

    Tһanks for sharing your thoughts аЬout five. Regards

  10. HilaryCC says:

    I would be interested in the upcoming FM (or 400 class) Brisbane tram, having had many rides on these in my childhood.

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