Brisbane Drop Centre Tram – HO

model brisbane tram

Model of a Brisbane Drop Centre Tram. Designed to fit Maximum traction trucks by BEC. Poles and bogies not included.

Model Kit Components:

 3D Printed Model – You can find details on how to order the 3D printed body from shapeways by clicking the following links:

Drop Centre Body Model and Truck side frames –

Power Mechanism – The tram has been designed to fit with the BEC maximum traction trucks. The body width and length have been slightly increased (only a fraction) to ensure comfortable fit and bogie swivel on these trucks.

MEMT maximum traction bogies have a 9mm diameter larger driven wheel and a 7mm diameter smaller trailing wheel. You can order these trucks here:

As these trucks are made to order you should let them know that the distance between the two bogie centres is 8 cm. The trucks arrive pre-wired together.

Trolley Poles – I use trolley poles supplied by Brian Weisman (Jason’s Brass Poles). His service is excellent and ships to Australia quite fast. Send him an email at and ask for suitable HO trolley poles for your model. They are well priced too.

 Some more pictures:

brisbane_droppy_06 brisbane_droppy_05

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