Sydney L/P Class Tram – HO

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This model of a Sydney L/P Class tram represents the high side variety. The model has been designed to fit a BullAnt motor and dummy truck and suitable trolley poles. The cab end handrails have not been modeled as the material would be too thin and easily broken. Instead the cab ends have been designed so that you can slide in brass wire for a stronger handrail.

Model Kit Components:

 3D Printed Model – You can find details on how to order the 3D printed body from shapeways by clicking this link: – Sydney L/P Tram –

Power Mechanism – The model is designed to fit a Hollywood Foundry standard BullAnt with the following specs:
17mm wheelbase
8.7mm wheel diameter
1015 or 1020 size motor
20mm cross mount bolster

You can use the same mech in the second tram unit or replace it with a dummy bogie to reduce cost. Add suitable weight to dummy trailer.

Click on this link to go to Hollywood Foundry’s website for ordering the power mechanism: Hollywood Foundry

Trolley Poles – I use trolley poles supplied by Brian Weisman (Jason’s Brass Poles). His service is excellent and ships to Australia quite fast. Send him an email at and ask for suitable HO trolley poles for your model. They are well priced too.

Decals – I have had a wonderful set of Sydney Tramway number decals made up. You can find out more from this link: Sydney Tramway Decals

 Some more pictures: