Sydney O Class Tram – HO

Model tram sydney O class

Here is a 1:87 model of a Sydney O class tram.

The most numerous of any one class on the Sydney system this became the classic Sydney tram. Now you can have your own HO scale model of this tram for your tram layout or as a scenery item in your streets around your model railway.

As not to ruin the appearance of this unique design of tramcar which had an enclosed section with two open ends over the bogies I’ve designed the model to use components supplied by Hollywood Foundry. The open compartments above the bogies restricted the design and I had to mount the motor in the centre closed compartment with a shaft design to power one bogie. The other bogie is a dummy bogie to allow maximum bogie swing.

I have used official Randwick Workshops plans in the design of this model.

Model Kit Components:

 3D Printed Model – For this model you need to purchase two components if you wish to product a motorised model. You can find details on how to order the 3D printed body from shapeways by clicking this link:

You will also need the special chassis if you want to motorise your model using the motor shaft setup. This can be found here:

Power Mechanism – Hollywood Foundry running gear required:
2 axle BullAnt Gozunder bogie x 2
Wheelbase 16.5mm and 7.6mm wheels.
Gearbox for 16 Series Motor, 2:1 ratio with flywheel and a 1620 motor.
Telescopic Cardan Shaft kit 2″

Click on this link to go to Hollywood Foundry’s website for ordering the power mechanism: Hollywood Foundry

I have put together an article on how to set up the model with the shaft kit. This can be found here: How To Motorise Your Tram

Trolley Pole – I use trolley poles supplied by Brian Weisman (Jason’s Brass Poles). His service is excellent and ships to Australia quite fast. Send him an email at and ask for suitable HO trolley poles for your model. They are well priced too.

Decals – I have had a wonderful set of Sydney Tramway number decals made up. You can find out more from this link: Sydney Tramway Decals


Some more pictures and videos:

Model tram sydney O class

HO Model tram Sydney