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  1. Lloyd Stevens says:

    can you let me know how much a O scale O class will cost when known


  2. George Broussos says:

    Can please let us know how to get in contact with you so I can ask you a few questions about purchasing your model trams. Or if you want ring me on (02)0402213811

  3. stan says:

    Hello, I am very impressed with your models but why are the said to be O scale and are not 1:48 which is scale instead of 1:43?
    Thank you

    • Tony Tieuli says:

      Stan, The scale to which you refer is North American O scale; England and most of the British Commonwealth use 1:43 scale (7mm) which approximates 17/64 scale in the US. Another valid O scale is 1:45 used in Japan. Hope this helps.

      Tony T

  4. Bodo-Lutz says:


    please let us have a little bit more information about your 3D printed model parts as for example Japanese Hiroden Tram on pages of i.materialise and/or Shapeways. Scale and the pictur shown in all other pages of both 3D print services should be the very least.
    Please take the time for a short comment there. All those interested an your potential customers in first line will be thankful.

    • Greg King says:

      Hi, The Hiroden car has been redesigned to get a better finish, after the first one is produced, (in print now) more detail will be available but for now, it is Japanese O scale of 1:45. Shortly I will put up photos of the prototype that I built for the project.

  5. Richard Snook says:

    I am curious as to why you would make a Melb tram in 1:43 Victorians model O scale to 1:48

    • Greg King says:

      Hi Richard, All Australian tram models are 1:43. If we started making Vic trams in 1:48, other states would not want them and there are already SPTC Melbourne trams that are 1:43. As the trams do not run on the railways, it should not be an issue even having them on the same layout.

  6. Ronald Aubrey says:

    May I add my 2 pence worth re 1/48 scale? I am a late starter in this debate but may I say that 1/48 is my chosen scale also, and I object to being told the scale should not matter. If you would do the Brisbane Drop Center tram in 1/48 I would have two or three, but I just don’t want 1/43 scale!

  7. Greg says:

    The Melbourne trams run on standard gauge track 4ft 8.5in/1,435mm so the 1:43 is more appropriate. Otherwise you would have to use track narrower than usual 32mm track if scaled to 1:48 (about 30mm gauge). The VR and SAR broad gauge trains with track gauge 5ft 3in/1,600mm are scaled to 1:48 and the 32mm gauge track is more appropriate. 1:45 is actually more correct for standard gauge using 32mm gauge track and is used by European modellers except the French who use 1:43 like Australian standard gauge (NSW) and English modellers.

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