Auckland 1929 “Big Semi-Steel” Tram


Traction Scale Models has teamed up again with Transit Classics to produce our first New Zealand model. We are proud to introduce a 1:43 model of an Auckland 1929 “Big Semi-Steel” tram.

Greg King from Transit Classics has pulled the official plans from his extensive archives to produce the most accurate model possible.

Model Kit Components:

 3D Printed Model – For this model you need to purchase two body components. We have used two different materials to produce a smoother (more expensive) finish to the side and end body panels and less expensive finish to the roof and under frame. This material is stronger and we have used it throughout the frame of the model.

Part A can be found here:

Part B can be found here:

You can also purchase dummy bogies if you wish to make your model a static display model. These can be found here:

Drivers cab controls can also be purchased here:

Power Mechanism – The model is designed to take the excellent “Black Beetle” power and trailer trucks. These can be ordered direct from “Steam Era” but, if you want larger wheels (33” spoked wheels for the Auckland car and Adelaide H for example) you will need to get in touch with Greg King at .


Trolley Poles – For parts such as Trolley Poles and other hardware (in some cases trucks and seats etc), the only place to go is, Q-Car company:


Some more pictures and videos:




auckland_02 auckland_06 auckland_01
auckland_03 auckland_04

auckland_01 auckland_02 auckland_03