Third Avenue Railway Co. Brill Straight Side Convertible Car 1:48 O Scale


Traction Scale Models & Transit Classics have produced a 1:48 scale model of this interesting car built by Brill between 1909 to 1911.

Brill manufactured 200 of these cars for the Third Avenue Railway System in New York. These unique cars could be fully enclosed by removable sides in the cold winter months. This model kit allows you to build either a fully enclosed model or open to the weather version.

Model Kit Components:

 3D Printed Model – We have used both IMaterialise and Shapeways for this kit as we are trying to produce the best end result possible. We have used Prime Grey from IMaterialise for the body components with it’s high strength, great surface finish and paintable surface. The Shapeways components of the kit include Frosted Ultra Detail components for the high detailed parts and some White Strong Flexible components for added strength.

All the IMaterialise components need to be purchased separately as they don’t allow grouping of multiple parts in the one file.

I-Materialise Parts:

Chassis Model can be found here: – Chassis –

Cab Front can be found here (You need to order 2) : – Cab –

Cab Roof can be found here (You need to order 2) : – Cab Roof –

Roof Model can be found here: – Roof –

Body Model can be found here: – Body –

Optional Convertible Sides (You need to order 2) can be found here: – Convertible Side –

Shapeways Parts:

Cab Controls, headlights and underfloor details : – Cab Controls & Underfloor –

Life Guards in WSF can be found here: – Life Guards –

Seats in WSF can be found here: – Seats –



Power Mechanism – Q Car Company Brill 39E Trucks – Search for part number CS219 in the side frames category