Painting is almost complete on my Sydney O class tram

Painting is just about complete for my new Sydney O class tram in 1:87 HO scale. I need to source some decals or get some custom made for the numbers.

3D print can be purchased here: tram sydney O class Model tram sydney O class Model tram sydney O class Model tram sydney O class Model tram sydney O class

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  1. Mark says:

    Hi there,

    I must say looking at your O Class Trams they look great. It’s amazing what can be achieved with 3D Printing. Will you be doing any O Class Trams in 1:43 O Scale and selling them as kits. Will compliment very well with the Transit Classic Models I already have. Please write back and let me know. Even HO Scale kits would look great



    • modeltrams says:

      Hi Mark, You might just get your wish. I’m working with Greg King from Transit Classic Models on an O Scale O class. You might want to contact him for more information.


  2. Tony Patis says:

    I have just received my O class tram. Looks great and I want to start painting. Do you have any advice about undercoating and brand of paint to use?

    • modeltrams says:

      Thanks for ordering one of my trams. I’ve been experimenting a lot with painting my models and have found that a quick wash with acetone removes any wax residue left over from the printing process. I’ve had a lot of success airbrushing acrylic paint (I found a good brand, Americana, to be quite good with the airbrush as it is quite thin).
      I want to experiment a little more with enamels but I do know that if you don’t clean of the wax residue the enamel paint doesn’t set very well.

      Please feel free to post your results here. I would love to see them.

      Also let me know if you need Sydney number decals. I have some arriving shortly from the US. I can also provide small ads for the end aprons.


      • Paul S says:

        Hi Joseph, thanks for your great comment and advice. I recently purchased three (3) HO Sydney Tram models and they are fantastic. As a novice to airbrushing would you please be so kind as to outline the steps you took to paint your models, e.g. did you airbrush the interiors (seats etc) or use a paint brush ?
        Also any tips on covering parts whilst airbrushing other sections would be appreciated.
        Regards, Paul S

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