Sydney Model P Class Tram HO Scale Released!

The Sydney P class tram is now available in both ad free and with the 1950’s ad panel on the top fascia. This version of the model is illustrated below.

Follow this link to view this model on Shapeways:

sydney model tram P class

sydney model tram P class

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12 Responses to Sydney Model P Class Tram HO Scale Released!

  1. Karl Penrose says:

    Is there any plans to do a Sydney R1, preferably in 1:76 scale? Would be awesome!

    • modeltrams says:

      Hi Karl,
      Yes I really hope to get around to an R and an R1 (possibly even an R/R1). Weico are no longer producing their white metal kit so I would be happy to fill that gap.


      • Karl Penrose says:

        Excellent, I would certainly be up for a couple.of the R1s.
        The reason I mentioned 1:76, would be so I could run them side by side with, or use the mechs out of the Cooee 1:76 scale W6s. Would be happy with HO though too.
        Anyway, I’ll keep an eye on your page for any updates.


  2. Phillip Hamill says:

    I am interested in the HO, O & P Class Trams, are they supplied complete ?
    (Painted etc)

    • modeltrams says:

      Hi Phil,
      No, these come straight from Shapeways in Raw 3D print form. You will need to paint and assemble them and supply trucks and poles.
      Kind regards

  3. Jon says:

    Hi Joseph

    I just received my model from Shapeways. I didn’t get a base plate such as is shown at Was I supposed to? If not, where do I get one.

    Also, the box should come with a warning about the fragility of the frame. I removed it from the box very carefully but one side still cracked in my hand.

    Thanks for taking this on – I’ve been missing Weico!!


    • modeltrams says:

      Hi Jon,
      Did you order the Sydney O class or P class tram?


      • Jon says:

        I actually bought the P intending to buy the O, but that’s my carelessness, If I can get the P going I’ll definitely buy an O.

        • modeltrams says:

          Hi Jon,
          You don’t actually need the separate chassis for the P. The P is designed to fit a standard Bullant motor truck and dummy truck.
          I hope you enjoy your model.

  4. Today I got my P class model from Shapeways. Great work!!!

    Any idea about the exact colors in RAL or Tamiya palette or other color palettes?


    Reinhold from Munich

    • modeltrams says:

      Hi Reinhold,
      Happy to hear your P class arrived. I usually mix my paints from a basic set of primary colours but I have been told the following commercially available paints are suitable for Sydney trams:

      cream – Humbrol 74
      green -Floquil light green

      Hope this helps.

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