Japanese Hiroden Tram 1:45 O scale

japanese tram

Traction Scale Models has teamed up again with Transit Classics again to produce an O scale model of a Japanese tram from Hiroshima.

Once again Greg King from Transit Classics has provided an excellent source of plans and photographs taken personally from several trips to Japan. His excellent photographs of every angle taken in the depot and measurements off the real tram have allowed us to produce a very accurate model.

Hiroden 1901-1915

Ex-Kyoto Streetcar Models

The Hiroden 1910-1915 were bought from the former Kyoto system where they were in the 1957 built group 1916-1931.

These handsome streetcars have served both cities very well and fifteen are still doing their excellent job today in Hiroshima.

Traction Scale Models: http://model-trams.com has produced a superb 1:45 (Japanese O scale) scale kit of these popular streetcars as the first of what we hope to be, a long line of Japanese streetcars from several cities, this will of course, depend on how well these first models sell.

Model Kit Components:

 3D Printed Model – For this model you need to purchase two cab components, body and a chassis from I-Materialise. For the first time we have incorporated I-Materialise’s Prime Gray for a superior body finish and strength. For the finer details such as cab controls and life guards we have turned to our trusty printers at Shapeways. The cab controls are in the super fine detailed Frosted Ultra Detail. This allows us the finest details while the Life guards and other less detailed items are in White Strong Flexible plastic. This produces a stronger more durable part.

I-Materialise Parts:

Part A (Cab Fronts) can be found here: – Part A –   (NOTE: you need to order two of these)

Part B (Body) can be found here: – Part B –

Part C (Chassis) can be found here: – Part C –

Shapeways Parts:

Part D can be found here: – Part D –

Part C can be found here: – Part E –


OPTIONAL DUMMY TRUCKS (For display models only): – Dummy Truck –


Power Mechanism – The model is designed to take the excellent “Black Beetle” power and trailer trucks. These can be ordered direct from “Steam Era” http://www.steameramodels.com/ but, if you want larger wheels (33” spoked wheels for the Auckland car and Adelaide H for example) you will need to get in touch with Greg King at transitclassics@iinet.net.au .



Some more pictures and videos:

Below are some photos of Greg King’s model. He ordered the prototype and added many fine details including a working pantograph. From this model we improved the design of the final production model.

hiroden_03 hiroden_02 hiroden_01

Note the image above has Greg King’s own detailing added including rear view mirrors, roof ladder and working pantograph.