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External Painting

Attention has now turned to the exterior of the model with the first application of paint being the cream. Once the cream set, templates for the decals were created straight from the model to give to our decal maker.

Paper templates have been made for the creation of the decals.

Next the green was applied. Spraying of the body is now complete and hand painting will continue for the finer details. The paints used are superb. These are manufactured by SMS paints and are of the SEC set, green, cream and the roof colour. Now we have to wait until the decals are finalised and manufactured. While the white panel on the front apron will be a decal I thought I would see how hard it is to mask the headlight.

External painting complete
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Making a Start

The parts for the Australasian Birney arrived today. I’ve laid out the parts for a quick photo and did some light sanding on the roof and the front canopy lighting panel. The first step is going to be to prime the parts. The parts are already clean from the factory but I’ve given them a wash to get an oils off the surface from any handling.