Traction Scale Models was established in 2015 to produce a range of 3D printed model trams.

We initially used the services of Shapeways and later Imaterialise to produce our models.

We have recently acquired out very own SLA printer and will be producing a lot more in-house. This will ensure we have full control over quality as well as lead times.

Keep an eye out for an ever increasing range of tram models from Australia and around the world.

Custom Building Service: We also offer a custom building service for any of our models. Please enquire for a quotation.

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  1. G’day Joseph,

    Am interested in the P Class without the Womens Weekly adverts. Please let me know when you can supply them.



    1. Hi Kym,
      Sorry about the delay, I was overseas in Japan delivering a model. I will need to make some fine adjustments to the model file but can now print the P class cars on my own printer for a cheaper price. I’ve already modified the P class car with adverts but over the next few days I’ll make the same modifications to the version without the ad panel. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s done.
      Kind regards

  2. Hey Joseph

    Will you be doing a Sydney K class tram kit ? was wanting to modify one into Melbourne scrubber cars either 10W or 11W

    Really like the Melbourne W2 , 456 you’ve done & would like to buy one as an none powered unbuilt kit. Be very interested to know if you have plans to produce any other Melbourne trams in the same scale as the W2


    Jason Lennon

    1. Hi Jason,
      I love the Ks. I’m sure I’ll do one in the future. I’ll send you an email to discuss this further. Plenty of Melbourne trams to do too.

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