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Japanese Trams

Japanese O scale 1:45 Trams

We have a growing range of Japanese O scale tram kits available at Tram Works. We manufacture all Japanese models to the scale 1:45 which is the scale used for O scale trams in Japan. We are happy to alter the scale to suit your needs when manufacturing. Please contact us to discuss.

We have plans to do many Japanese trams in the future if they prove popular. The next one will be the Kyoto 1900 (as the Hiroden 1900’s were originally) and the Kyoto 1800’s, we also plan to do several Osaka trams and Tokyo area trams. Other systems we want to do are Nagasaki and Kumamoto plus several others.

Currently Available Trams:

All tram kits are printed to the highest quality on a Formlabs SLA Resin Printer and come with full instructions.

Click here to view our complete range of Japanese trams

The next model to be released shortly is the Kyoto 1900 series tram.

Future Tram Releases:

Some future projects if enough interest is shown are the Nagasaki 300 series, Tokyo 8000 series, Tamaden Caterpillar car, Hakodate 530, Osaka 2201-2211 one man cars and the Sapporo 200 series.

Custom Tram Building Services

We also offer limited custom tram building services for customers who wish to have a completed model. These can be crafted by master modeller Greg King or by Joseph Spinella.

This model was built by Joseph Spinella for our friend Hideki in Japan and hand delivered. (The hand delivery was really an excuse for a holiday in this wonderful country)
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Suburban Terminal Loop.

When initially constructing my bench work I never envisaged building an O scale layout. I was into HO at the time. As a result I’ve had to extend the layout to allow the construction of a terminal loop.

I’ve printed my plan out to scale and laid it on the board to see if it will work. I like it!

Note the waiting shed is HO scale. I will blow this up to O scale eventually.

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Point Work

I have to say a big thank you to Greg King for assembling all the point work for my layout.

Point blades being assembled.
Here I’ve started assembling the point work leading to one of the balloon loops. The middle road will be a storage siding at the terminus.
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The Plan

I’ve finally made a start on my own O scale layout. My space is very small in the confines of my small shed but I’m hoping to pack as much operational enjoyment in as I can.

I’m going to have to widen the baseboard in a two places to accommodate the balloon loops and this is represented in orange.
I’ve also decided to place the tramway workshops conveniently next to my 3D printer.